Loyalty Program


Unfortunately I am going to have to discontinue the loyalty points program as of today, 9th Oct 2023.

The app Marsello that manages this has just massively hiked up their fees (tripled!!) and I am unable to afford to keep it running. I have uninstalled it from today to avoid running up any more points that I may not be able to track.

If you have a current valid Marsello voucher that you have been emailed and not yet claimed, please email a copy of it including the discount code to me and I will honour it manually on your order. Only valid current dated vouchers apply.

For points holders: I have managed to get a list of everyone who has loyalty points accrued. In the next couple of weeks I will be sending a discount voucher to all of you with enough points to qualify for a reward. It will either be an amount off or a free shipping code.

Sincerest apologies for this and any inconvenience caused and please feel free to email me with any concerns or questions.

Kind regards

Amanda, Glam