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Glam Food Kapiti

Ginger and Lime Splash

Ginger and Lime Splash

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Experience the vibrant taste of Ginger and Lime. Loads of fresh crushed ginger root and herbs infused with lovely locally sourced lime juice - super clean, refreshing flavour !

Ginger and Lime Splash natural low carb/low sugar drink concentrate by Glam Food. Rehydrate with some flavour!

Get a full-strength cordial by adding our natural flavouring concentrate to water or soda 1-4 ratio. Or, for a lighter taste, just add a spoonful.

STORAGE: Use before BB4 date and keep in fridge after opening.

INGREDIENTS: Water, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract, erythritol), Ginger Root, Lime Juice, Mint and Lemon Balm Leaf, kaffir lime leaf, ascorbic acid, citric acid, guar gum. 


        Per 13g serve      Per 100g

Energy              35.6kj         71.1kj

Protein              0.2g           0.3g

Fat, total            0.0g          0.1g

- saturated        0.0g           0.1g

Carbs                0.5g           1.0g

-Sugars             0.2g           0.5g

Sodium             1mg          3mg

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