About Us - The Glam Jam Story

Hi, there people !

My name is Amanda. I am pretty much Glam Jams, apart from a little help from family and friends, a one woman show. I have been told that people like to know the story behind things, so here you go this is mine.

About Us Image - Glam Jams Stall

Glam Jams started a few years back as a table in a church hall market, preserves made from things I had grown, handwritten labels and second hand jars. It went super well and grew from there, mostly as a hobby, a creative outlet, grown up time away from kids. I got licensed as a food manufacturer with council and grew in increments, one market at a time, little bit by little bit. Someone asked me recently why I had started the business and I suddenly realised - oh I have a business, how did that happen ?! So it just kinda happened!

Now Glam Jams is a mostly online shop and wholesaler too. I still like to do markets and events though, its nice to see you guys and the feedback is super important. Nothing beats talking face to face, tasting things too (something you cant do online).

This brings me to next thing, why Keto? 

The answer, because that's where the market feedback took me. I started with homemade regular jams, chutneys and cordials. No preservatives, reduced sugar and natural ingredients cause that's always been my vibe. Talking to customers though people had dietary needs and requests, usually about super low sugars/carbs and allergens. I developed products for these needs and I started to get a steady base of Keto, Diabetic and Gluten Intolerant customers, and now that's all I do...It also helps that I have a few personal health issues and intolerances that benefit from this diet so was easy choice.

So even though I have grown a bit two things will remain the same:

Firstly, I am proudly a Kapiti Coast based food manufacturer and as much as possible love to feature locally grown, raised, and foraged ingredients sourced from our beautiful region as much as possible. Local is a nice thing to be....

Secondly, Glam Jams are truly handmade products. Even if more hands end up making them, these are not and will never be churned out by the thousands in massive vats in a factory by machines and on every supermarket shelf. They are natural, real ingredient based and not full of fillers, preservatives, colours or flavours. This way I can keep the flavours fresh and vibrant, the product honest and the quality high. 

Well that's it, and say hi next time you spot me at a Fair near you !