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Turmeric and Kawakawa Sauerkraut

Turmeric and Kawakawa Sauerkraut

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Wild fermented, raw sauerkraut full of golden, gut happy goodness.

This Kraut is the digestion 'go to'. It has a gentler, earthy flavour and has the added benefit of turmeric and kawakawa. One of the most popular Farmers' Market best selling sauerkrauts.

......and its very yellow

                       ...........I like yellow


INGREDIENTS: cabbage 95%, pink rock salt, kawakawa, turmeric, yellow mustard seed, mild chilli, pepper.



         Per 13g serve       Per 100g

Energy              11kj            86kj

Protein              0.2g           1.3g

Fat, total            0.0g            0.0g

- saturated        0.0g            0.0g

Carbs                 0.2g           1.5g

-Sugars              0.2g           1.3g

Sodium             81mg         624mg

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