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Glam Jams and Cordials

Rhubarb and Garlic Sauerkraut

Rhubarb and Garlic Sauerkraut

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Rhubarb and Garlic Sauerkraut by Glam Food is rich, freshly flavoured with full tilt on the garlic. For sauerkraut fanciers and people who like to say 'woooo!' when they taste stuff.....fab colour too.

Our Sauerkrauts are handmade with a heck of a lot of slicing, bashing and squeezing and then they ferment in their own juices. We only make 20-40 jars per batch so they are just like homemade ones without the hard work!

Tangy and tasty, have a happy tummy and use sauerkrauts instead of pickles with your meals or snacks. 

INGREDIENTS: red cabbage 86%, rhubarb 10%, garlic 2%, pink rock salt.



         Per 13g serve       Per 100g

Energy              13kj           103kj

Protein              0.2g           1.6g

Fat, total            0.0g            0.3g

- saturated        0.0g            0.0g

Carbs                 0.2g           1.8g

-Sugars              0.2g           1.5g

Sodium             88mg          676mg


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