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Glam Food Kapiti

Quick Jam Mix - 170g

Quick Jam Mix - 170g

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Want to Jam-it yourself?
Glam Food’s Quick Jam Mix is a no fuss, easy peasy chiller jam mix and super quick to make! 

What you need: 500g pureed fruit, 85g of Glam’s Quick Jam Mix, a microwave and 5 minutes of your time….SWEET! (Literally!)

You can use any kind of berries or seasonal fruits - fresh, tinned or frozen 🫐🍒🥝🍓🍑🍐🍍Each jar of Quick Mix makes 2 x 500g portions of nicely set refrigerator jammy-ness, which can be kept for two weeks or frozen for later.

Like all our products this Mix is made with quality, natural ingredients. It also has a 0g carb/sugar value per batch so gives you a clean slate to start from nutrition wise.

Ingredients: erythritol/stevia blend, citrus pectin, guar gum, ascorbic acid

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