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Golden Brown (Brown Sugar Alternative) - Sweetnz

Golden Brown (Brown Sugar Alternative) - Sweetnz

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Golden Brown from Sweetnz is a plant based natural sweetener to use instead of brown sugar and is a clever blend of Erythritol, Stevia Leaf Extract and Monk Fruit with the added richness of  a hint of Molasses.

This is a great healthy replacement for brown sugar. Sprinkle generously on top of your warm morning porridge or use to sweeten your coffee. We have this in our pantry, I personally use it in Asian spice pastes instead of palm sugar and makes pretty awesome 'streusel' or crumble topping and in family desserts too....

As a guide when substituting in recipes, I usually add 1/2 quantity of Golden Brown to recommended quantity of Brown Sugar.

    300G POUCH, Serving per package: 75

    Ingredients:  Sweeteners (Erythritol, Stevia Glycoside, Molasses, Monk Fruit)



            Per 3g serve      Per 100g

    Energy              2.8kj          94.2kj

    Protein              0.0g           0.0g

    Fat, total            0.0g          0.0g

    - saturated        0.0g           0.0g

    Carbs                0.08g          2.7g

    -Sugars             0.08g          2.7g

    Sodium             0mg          2mg

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